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RMS has produced an audit system (Audit 123) in publication format that has been designed to suit all levels and sizes of organisation, from small single units to large global organisations, and to act as a guide - assisting organisations in achieving and confirming conformity with the ISO 45001 standard and the successful management of occupational health and safety (OH&S) risks.

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The audit system publications for ISO 45001 comprise of a workbook to record findings/actions and accompanying auditor’s guidance to aid audit assessment and decision making. The user friendly workbook reduces audit preparation, simplifies analysis and aids report creation.

Utilise these Audit 123 checklists:

  • to map your current OH&S system to the ISO 45001 standard
  • to determine a gap analysis
  • as a guide when developing your management system
  • for internal audits
  • to conduct third party audits.

The unique progressive evaluation and scoring system makes the checklists easy to use and the style encourages acceptance of findings/nonconformities and implementation of corrective actions.

By recording findings and actions, the Audit 123 Level 1 checklist Workbook confirms the extent to which an organisation’s occupational health and safety management system conforms with the requirements of the ISO 45001 standard and the degree of success in implementing the system.

This workbook is supported by the corresponding Audit 123 Level 1 - ISO 45001 - Guidance and comprises 76 pages, in full colour.

  • Audit Details     
  • Chapter 1 - Introduction and
    • Overview of ISO 45001
    • Audit 123 - Audit system outline 
  • Chapter 2 - Working Documentation
    • Geographical Area of Audit
    • Locations / activities
    • Area of Responsibility
  • Chapter 3 - Audit Documentation
    • Section 1 - Context of the organization (clause 4)
    • Section 2 - Leadership and worker participation (clause 5)
    • Section 3 - Planning (clause 6)
    • Section 4 - Support (clause 7)
    • Section 5 - Operation (clause 8)
    • Section 6 - Performance evaluation (clause 9)
    • Section 7 - Improvement (clause 10)
  • Chapter 4 - Summary Report Documentation
    • Overall Conformity - Single Location/Whole Organisation
    • Overall Conformity - Multiple Location
    • Executive Summary
  • Chapter 5 - Getting the most from your audit
    • Versatility of Audit 123
    • Confidence from Competence

Chapter 2 contains Working Documentation which is designed to support the audit process. It provides an opportunity to record the scope of the audit in terms of its geography, locations and activities and responsibilities.

Each section in Chapter 3 of the workbook utilises pro-formas for collection of audit data, unit/part/section conformity analysis, auditor’s comments and scope to specify conformity/corrective action(s). It is designed to illustrate clearly the level of conformity determined and provide an overall score for each section considered. Each section contains:

  • Compliance Scheme
  • Audit Check Lists
  • Check List Matrix by Location
  • Auditor’s Comment Sheet
  • Conformity/Corrective Action Sheet

Our audit checklists provide an affordable solution for discerning auditors who want to take advantage of our experience and save time in audit preparation.

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